Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Few More

Here's a few more for you to choose from. I don't have any prices yet because I am just trying to get it narrowed down to the ones everyone is really interested in.

This is a photo holder made with a piece of wood and some bent wire. Could cover the board with paper and paint the wire for variation.

This is a Testimony Glove and is a cute idea for children to learn the 5 points of a testimony.

A monogram tile. Design might be different but this is the basic idea. Will have your last name and initial.

Monogram soap/sanitizer dispenser. The monogram is printed on transparency then slipped in the bottle.

I Spy bags. Good for people with small children.

A quick and cheap craft. Decorate plain gift bags.

Crayon rolls are cute and could be made fairly easily. One variation includes the pad for drawing on and folds instead of rolling.

I am also going to be putting together Countdown to Christmas Storybooks. There will be a story to read every night in December until Christmas. Email or get me your favorite Christmas stories, poems, talks, pictures etc and we will burn you a disk to pick up at Super Sat. You can then print as many as you like to make books for yourself and loved ones! cost $1.00

Your input is welcome and needed for this to the best Super Saturday ever!


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