Friday, September 28, 2012

Super Saturday 2012

It's that time of year again!!! Super Saturday is upon us. 

October 20th, 2012
9 am-1 pm
Lunch will be provided. 
A nursery will be available for those of you with children.

Here are all the crafts we are offering this year.

Wire Tree
Provided: Styrofoam tree form
A set of three trees. These are a cute way to decorate for the holidays. Simple enough to make a few. Cami Bishop will be leading this craft.

Tissue Paper Tree
Provided: Paper cone
Tissue paper
A set of three trees. Another festive holiday decoration. Pair these with your wire trees for a great display! Cami Bishop will be leading this craft as well.

Ornament with Nativity or Family Name
Provided: Clear Ornament
Transparency with image of your choice

The finished ornament will look like the clear nativity one above. The image (either the nativity or family name) will be printed on transparency sheets and will actually be on the inside of the ornament, not stuck on the outside. Please let Vicki Hodes know which you would like.

Ruler Growth Chart
Provided: Board
Use of number stencils
This is a board that you can use to record your children's growth on and not worry about having to leave it on a doorway if you have to move. Numbers and lines will be painted on. I (Kinsey Zinser) will be leading this craft.

Recipe Binder
Provided: Printed sheet for front of binder
If you would like to provide your own binder, then the price would be $1.
This is a good way to keep all those random recipes you have collected over the years all in one place. Lisa Johnson will be in charge of this craft.

Wood Block Presents
$4 for the large size 8"x8"
$2 for the small size 4"x4"
Provided: Wood Block
Scrap Book Paper
These will be a cute easy way to decorate for the holidays. Anya Mathews will be in charge of this craft.

Mixing Bowl Covers
Provided: Elastic
Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
You can use your own fabric, elastic, and bias tape and it would be free. We will show you how to make it!
This is great for covering rising bread or if you need to keep pesky flies away from a bowl of potato salad at a picnic. Kristine Collier will be showing the way for this craft.

Jingle Bell Shadow Box
Provided: Shadow Box
Jingle bells
Vinyl saying
Scrapbook paper
Another really cute way to decorate for the holidays. Rebecca Webster will be in charge of this craft.

Jar Candy Dish
Provided: Candlestick for base
Finial for top
You provide: Jar of your choice.
Cute and simple way to store your goodies. Or fill with holiday decorations to add some holiday charm to your tabletop. Cindy Hawks will be leading this craft.

Stenciled Doily Tote
Provided: Tote
Use of letter stencil
If you would like to bring your own bag it will be $.50. We will have the doily, stencil, and paint.
Great gift that can personalized. Or use for yourself to carry all your stuff. Cara Adams will be leading this craft.

Family Birthday Board
Provided: Board
Vinyl "Birthdays" and months
eye hooks
24 wooden circles
wire to attach circles
A fantastic way to keep track of all the birthdays of the loved ones in your life. Also makes a great gift for grandparents or other family members. Linda Dieckmann will be leading this craft.

Family Blocks
Provided: Blocks
Vinyl for each block
A great personalized gift or decoration for your own home. Lisa Johnson will be leading this craft.

Prices will be posted ASAP. We won't be at church the first two Sundays in October so you won't have the chance to sign up. So if you would like to order, please contact the person listed for the craft or me, Kinsey Zinser. We will be paying for the crafts on the day of Super Saturday. Please be prepared to pay multiple people as you will be paying each person in charge directly.

Good Information

Thank you to Cindy Hawks, Jeanetta Easterly, and Anna Mae Forsyth for presenting all that wonderful information on canning and preserving food. I learned a lot and am sure all those who attended did as well. So many ways to use and preserve our food. But make sure you learn the proper ways to do so.

If you would like any of the information that was given that evening, please contact Cindy Hawks. She would be happy to help you with any questions about food safety.