Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Few Ideas

I am posting a few pictures of some of the ideas for Super Saturday this year. I am welcoming any ideas and any volunteers to be in charge of a craft. That would include acquiring the supplies and giving basic instruction on how to do it. Let me know if you are interested.

The first is a family tree made out of wire. The wire is bent so that it can hold pictures of family members.

These pieces of jewelry are made of washers and have paper decoupaged on them. The possibilities are endless.

This is a different way to display the Family Proclamation.

A fun Christmas craft made using a Paver stone. Can also be made into a Santa or Elf or Reindeer.

An advent calendar made using a muffin tin.

A first aid kit made using a hot pad and plastic baggies. Great for the glove box. Can also be used to hold crafting supplies or as a sewing kit.

A mason jar that holds emergency candles and matches. A pipe coupling is glued onto the underside of the lid so when it's turned over it becomes a candle holder.

A basic tray painted with chalkboard paint.

A star made from a cereal box and covered with paper.

A display for your children's art.

Please let me know what you think of these. I am still looking for some pictures of other ideas I have. And please feel free to give me any ideas.

Thanks, Kinsey

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  1. I like the the photo holder, the snowman, and the crayon holder the best